Amazing Spanish Academy - Graphic Adventure

Amazing Spanish Academy. Graphic Adventure "2012" Roles: Modelling, texturing characters, environments and props. Set scenes and illumination in Unity. Technical integration in engine

Modeling and texturing environments, characters and props
Set scenes in Unity, illumination
Render Maya
Modeling, texturing characters - Render Maya
Ingame Unity

Ingame Unity (Jorge Alcalá)
Ingame Unity
Ingame Unity
Ingame Unity
Some textures ofr cavern environment
Ingame Unity
Ingame Unity

Some concepts from the concept artist at Enne
Zbrush Prop Character Model - Concept left
Concept props
Props Low poly 
Promo Video Amazing Spanish
Special thanks to the Amazing Spanish Art Team:
Jorge Alcalá Zamora
Victor Iglesias 
Andre Kling
Miguel Miranda 
Manuel García

© 2012 Enne Entertainment Ltd. “Enne”, “Amazin Spanish” 
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